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Retailers are often shocked at the cost of a shop fit. Be willing to explore products and materials with a lower price tag to create your intended space. What to look for: Hospitality Fitouts Melbourne A shoe that feels right throughout the stride, from touchdown to toe-off, and reduces stress on any weak parts of your foot. Reality: Any time you're experiencing pain on the bike, you should examine your fit.

Shopfitting specialists, such as ourselves can help you plan where and what security features to install for maximum security at minimum cost and inconvenince. You may have the best display units and the best layout but without lighting, you may not attract many customers.

Have your feet measured and shop for shoes later in the day. The retail shop shelving should also be able to endure the load of the products displayed. Put your shoes on and mark the ball of your foot on your sole with a pen or marker. What to look for: A shoe that flexes or rolls the way your foot wants to move—at the pace in which you'll be using the shoes.

All materials and finishes used in the shopfitting process should be of good quality and should comply with environmental standards. Good customer service must accompany good space planning to ensure the customer feels looked after and happy. Angles - using angles in store fixtures and walls to improve traffic flow and create a high-end retail space.

As a reputable stockist and distributor, we have been selling shop fittings on the Internet for over 15 years including everything from slatwall panels and shop shelving, to shop counters and grid panel systems. One thing many retailers miss is that visual merchandising is a team effort; you must train all store associates about visual display standards and maintenance.

Call up the shop you want to visit so that they can make sure they have enough staff present for to devote time to you and your fitting. This needs to be mapped out properly to ensure there are no dark areas that discourage your customers from visiting certain parts of your shop.